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Inspired by my lifelong passion for vintage and modern fine jewelry, I started Carbon Neutral during the Covid shutdown of my 15 year event & floral design business in Spring 2020. With two small boys at home, I worked on designs during nap time with the goal of designing everyday classic and wearable fine jewelry that could be worn with both jeans or a cocktail dress. Almost four years later, my collection of fine jewelry has grown to over 80 pieces and I am thrilled with the response from customers.


Like myself, my clients are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and consciously support local, sustainable businesses. The purchase of a piece of eco-friendly fine jewelry made with 100% recycled gold and lab grown, antique or ethically mined gemstones fits this mould. Your purchase also supports a woman-founded small business based in Seattle, WA.


I am constantly working on new designs so please check back often and follow along with my journey on Instagram. Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy wearing your Carbon Neutral jewelry for decades to come. 


Rachel Hobden Bowes, Owner and Designer

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The Carbon Neutral Fine Jewelry collection was created by veteran event designer Rachel Bowes to celebrate milestones and for modern collectors to buy themselves. Our jewelry is heirloom quality - hand-made in solid recycled gold, diamonds and gemstones to be passed down through generations, but sold direct-to-consumer at the lowest prices. We believe fine jewelry is for every day. 

Rachel chose to work with lab grown diamonds and gemstones to meet the needs of an increasingly eco-conscious customer. The stones are grown in a lab setting and are identical to earth mined stones at less than half the price, helping to make fine jewelry more accessible to everyone. The gold in our made-to-order jewelry pieces is 100% recycled "green" gold and our suppliers of mined diamonds are compliant with the Kimberley Process. Wherever possible we choose to work with women-owned and BIPOC suppliers around the world. 

At Carbon Neutral, we employ a made-to-order production model to minimize waste and increase sustainability. Our made-to-order jewelry collection can also be customized; you can change the length of bracelets and necklaces or request a higher carat weight and diamond width. We also offer one-of-a-kind vintage pieces and custom engagement rings and wedding bands. Our New York and Seattle based jewelers have worked with Cartier and Harry Winston ensuring the exceptional quality and attention to detail you expect in our pieces. 


Please contact us directly for pricing on custom orders. 

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