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Lab Grown Gemstones are the New Black in Custom Jewelry Design

After 15 years in the wedding industry, I’ve seen a lot of engagement ring trends come and go. There was the platinum set princess cut of the early 2000’s, then the halo setting of the 2010’s and the return to yellow and rose gold in the 2020’s. The latest trend is larger center stones – much larger in fact – 2-3 carats plus – brought about by the advent of technology to grow chemically identical diamonds in the lab.

Lab Grown Diamonds have taken the jewelry world by storm. Over the last decade, the technology has improved to the point where we can now grow flawless, large diamonds in a matter of months rather than thousands of years. Coming from the USA and India primarily (and owned by American companies), consumers no longer need to worry about the mining practices and human exploitation involved in the pursuit of natural diamonds – a huge plus in the minds of our millennial and Gen Z customers.

When I decided to start a custom jewelry design business in addition to Finch & Thistle, I wanted to create everyday pieces that would last a lifetime. Heirloom quality diamond and solid gold rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces for a woman (or man) to buy themself and pass along to the next generation. Made-to-Order fine jewelry is the ultimate in sustainable fashion. Designed to be worn every day, our pieces never tarnish or turn your skin green and given that gold is a traded commodity, each item becomes an investment rather than a throwaway costume piece to be discarded when the trend dies down.

Carbon Neutral Fine Jewelry is exactly that – fine jewelry, made-to-order and designed for everyday wear. We make classic pieces that go equally with jeans or a cocktail dress. Our custom pieces use recycled gold and (primarily) lab grown diamonds. A 2-3ct engagement ring now costs what a .8ct engagement ring cost 20 years ago. We design bridal rings, gypsy rings, wedding bands and lab grown diamond engagement rings and redesign jewelry pieces that are no longer worn. What’s the point of having fine jewelry in a safe? We also carry lots of everyday items essential for a jewelry wardrobe – 14k gold hoops, diamond huggie earrings, tennis necklaces and tennis bracelets all in lab grown diamonds and at a third of the price of mined diamonds. Our more budget conscious pieces are perfect for bridal party gifts.

Two and a half years into my jewelry design journey, I’d love to welcome you over to that world to see what I’m up to. My weddings were known throughout the Pacific Northwest for years as classically beautiful. I think you’ll find my fine jewelry pieces will stand the test of time also; after all, it’s just design on a much smaller scale.

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